For 17 years SPE Trading has been providing imports from Mexico and Latin America specializing in the wholesale export and distribution of non-perishable authentic Mexican products such as detergents, cleaners, fabric softeners, canned foods, cleaning items, beverages etc. We are dedicated to provide a very large selection of what we call " NOSTALGIA " products for Mexican people around the world and also for the Hispanic and International food markets. We carry international brands made in México with the same quality standards but at competitive prices.

We are strategically located in City of Commerce, CA at the following address: Washington Blvd. Commerce, CA 90040. . We serve a variety of wholesale and retail customers throughout the USA. We regularly supply Wholesalers, Distributors, Dollar Stores, Discount Stores, Chain Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Club Stores, Food Suppliers, and more.

We supply the widest range of groceries including cleaning products, bathroom products, laundry detergents and softeners, soap bars, body soaps, body lotions, beauty products, candy, snacks, soft drinks, cooking items such as cooking oil, chiles, salsas

In addition to the great quality of products, we have always provided consistent quality service, customer responsiveness, innovation and hard work, which have resulted in a steady upward growth and success. We offer great experience and enabled personnel in the import and distribution of Mexican products.

The popularity of all the different varieties of Mexican food and Mexican products has increased considerably throught out the world. This is the result of not only the growth of the Hispanic and Mexican population, but also of the number of non-Mexican consumer of Mexican food and Mexican Products. Browse our website. And let us know if you need additional information.

If dont find the info or Mexican Products you are looking for give us a call and our friendly staff will answer your questions.

6915 E. Slauson Ave.
Commerce, CA 90040

Tel: (323) 887-9159
Fax: (323) 887-2918 Email: info@spetrading.com

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